About Us

fleur de lis in concrete near poolRyan Causey was born and raised in Baton Rouge, La. He is married with two young children and lives in Greenwell Springs. The collaboration of Ryan’s artistic eye and construction background matched with a keen sense of business created Concrete Magic Designs in 2006.

Ryan is a creative, diverse general commercial contractor and artisan with extensive experience in designing and developing a broad range of decorative concrete, while maintaining attention to details. He will work with the home owner or builder to achieve desired goals while managing time and employees. Decorative Concrete is something like that of a fine wine, it takes years to develop the knowledge and pallet needed to produce the finest that decorative concrete has to offer.

With the change in what’s trending in flooring; countertops and vertical concrete, Ryan can manipulate concrete to resemble a natural stone, slate, marble or tile without the limitations that those materials have. The vision to match or compliment the architecture around the project is a major part of the decorative concrete creation process.

Ryan is well respected by fellow contractors and has a reputation for quality work both in the trade and amongst his clients. He educates himself on the best possible practices for residential and commercial flooring by continuously taking seminars, reading the trade publications, and researching issues builders face every day. However, what Ryan is probably best known for is his attitude. He is straightforward, fair and honest and for those reasons, clients, other contractors and his employees love to work with him.

He is committed to the highest levels of professional and personal excellence!